Skyler Powers

I've been fostering a love of film for well over a decade now. My tastes have evolved greatly over the years as I've grown more assured in my own identity and outlook on life and greatly diversified the types of films I watch. I owe a major debt to the online film community for introducing to me countless films and filmmakers that 10-year-old me couldn't have ever dreamt of knowing about. As a young gay man growing up in the 21st century, I am especially drawn to films that explore identity, mental health, young adulthood, complex family dynamics, sociopolitical issues I care about, and the philosophy and beauty of the world around us. I see film and film criticism as a vital tool that allows us to share our own stories and perspectives in order to foster empathy and connection, and I look forward to discussing and writing about it for years to come.

Favorite Movie: Spirited Away

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