Marc Goedickemeier

I have watched and loved movies since I could think. Growing up with Disney animation, adventure movies, and superhero movies, the older I got, the more I explored my horizons and watched all sorts of movies till now. I love watching movies in cinemas, but I don't mind a simple and chill action flick just to get my head out of reality for a second. But since the COVID pandemic, I started and finished my screenwriter school during these years, and with that, I am kind of harsh when it comes to writing for movies. Hopefully, one day you can judge my writing in a cinema. My shame-list of movies I have to watch is kind of embarrassing as a big movie fan, but I will get there, as promised. I love all kinds of genres, but comedy movies are having a hard time with me because only a few movies really catch me with their humor.

Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo

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